Modified 151 Spokeshave for Leather Paring

Modified 151 Spokeshave for Leather Paring


English trained bookbinders often use a modified spokeshave for long shallow bevels, spine paring, and beveling binder’s board. I’ve improved the design of my 151 style spokeshave modified for leather work. It now features a shaving collector, which I first saw James Brockman use 1990’s. He kindly shared the design with me. He mentioned he first saw it while working at Roger Powell’s shop in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. The shaving collector really speeds up work with the spokeshave, since you don’t have to stop and vacuum the stray shavings every couple of minutes. And they don’t get trapped under your leather, which can cause holes or tearing.

Other modifications include reducing the effective cutting angle by grinding the base, truing the adjustment knobs, rounding and lessening the surface area of the sole, opening the mouth a bit, flattening the blade bed by filing and filling with epoxy, flattening the blade cap, replacing the original blade with at PM-V11 one reground to a lower angle, and the corners slightly rounded.

All of these modifications help eliminate chatter and made it easier to use, parallel or perpendicular to the edge of the leather.  Even if you rough out the leather with a Scharffix or  Brockman leather paring machine, this spokeshave helps you quickly and evenly reduce the unavoidable ridges between overlapping cuts or blade changes. A must for calf and tawed skin, English style full leather bindings, and rebacking.  Anytime you need a long, gradual bevel. It can also be used to bevel binder's board.  More information about spokeshaves for leather.

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