Nokey Sewing Frame

Nokey Sewing Frame

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The Nokey Sewing frame, uses adjustable buttons to attach the sewing supports.  Click here for a brief history of sewing frames and more details about an earlier version of the Nokey. The Nokey is easy to set up and quick adjustment of  spacing for all types of sewing supports- tapes, single and double cords, thongs, etc….,  folds flat for convenient dust free storage and transportation — only 2.25″ thick. It is solidly constructed of aluminum and aircraft grade European baltic birch plywood, this is the most rigid sewing frame ever made. The current design features an adjustable top bar and squeezes in more usable sewing space with the same overall dimentionsThe uprights unfold and  stop at exactly 90 degrees, then are tightened with a hex head driver. In use, sewing starts at the edge of the sewing board, making it easy to begin sewing and to sew in the round. Rubber feet keep even small size frame from sliding around on the bench. The minimum distance between supports is 1 inch.  The buttons which attach supports tighten and loosen with a 5/32″ simple hex head driver, which is included. Partially sewn books can be quickly removed and replaced, which make the Nokey ideal for  schools. The crossbar can be repositioned to economize length of sewing supports.

Available in three sizes:

1.  Travel Nokey. 13.25 x 9.25 x 2″, folded. About 4 lbs. 12″ between the uprights, 6.5″ between crossbar and base. Supplied with 10 button attachments for sewing on up to 5 supports. More images.

2. Regular Nokey. 17 x 12 x 2″, folded.  About 8 lbs. 16″ between uprights, 10″ between crossbar and base. Supplied with 10 button attachments for sewing on up to 5 supports. Perfect for all around work.

3. Large Nokey.   25 x 12 x 2″, folded. About 13 lbs.  24″ between uprights, 10″ between crossbar and base.  Supplied with 14 buttons for attachments for sewing on up to 7 supports.


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